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DevPremier CRM is a complete and to-the-point solution to help in converting Leads into Customers. It’s built upon Laravel(PHP framework) with CSS, JS, and SQL database at the backend. It is fast enough to load and search 1000s of rows in the data table. In the DevPremier CRM, we are providing full-scale Roles and Permissions management. Admin can create as many roles as required with different permissions. 

We have created a demo with dummy leads. 

Offers options to create staff, roles, leads, customers, products, convert leads into customers, export data in excel or CSV.

Quick Intro

  • Staff Management

  • Role & Permissions Management

  • Contact Management

  • Customer Management

  • Leads Management

  • Create & email Proposals

  • Create & email Estimates

  • Create & Email Invoices

  • Admin Login with email

  • Staff Login with an email

  • Customer login with a unique username


  • Contact Module
  • Role Module
  • User Module
  • Lead Module
  • Product Module
  • Proposal Module
  • Estimate Module
  • Invoice Module
  • Task Module
  • Media Module
  • Reminder Module
  • Office Module



very nice easy to use and you can change anything you like looks great on mobile