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CyberBukit Membership is an open source script based on PHP & MySQL, We use Codeigniter3 as its framework. By using CyberBukit Membership you will benefit from:
1. Easily build your user management system.
2. Develop your own software based on this script to save much of your development time as we have already provided many basic features, You only need to focus on your key features.


  • Generic registration and login
  • Add user from admin panel directly
  • Invite user through email from admin panel
  • Registration and login with Google/Facebook/Twitter
  • Email verification for registration
  • Reset password through email
  • Google Recaptcha protection
  • Google Analytics
  • Remember Me
  • Two-Factor Authentication via email
  • Multiple Throttling Policy
  • Password Strength Setting
  • Generic User Panel(Profile/Password/Notification/Activity Log)
  • Timezone adaptive according to every user’s own setting
  • Full DateTime Format & Country & Currency List
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Terms & Conditions Management
  • System icon upload
  • User avatar upload
  • Users List with search feature
  • Impersonate user to login from admin panel
  • Roles management
  • Permissions management
  • Flexible access control through role and permission
  • SMTP integrated
  • Email templates editor
  • GDPR compliant
  • Cookie consent popup
  • Notification module
  • Online Users List
  • Activity Log
  • Database Backup(Download or save the dump file)
  • HTML Purifier integrated for XSS attacks protection
  • CSRF Protection
  • Based On Codeigniter3
  • Bootstrap 4 & Admin SB2 Theme (AdminLTE is coming soon)
  • Easy Installation
  • Support running in demo mode
  • Easy to add new theme
  • Multi-Language Support
  • RESTful API (json)
  • Helper class ready to use
  • Easy to integrate with your own system


SuperAdmin: admin/admin

Server Requirements
PHP Verion: 7.2+
MySQL Version: 5.1+


Email: support@CyberBukit.com
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We provide:
1. Usage inquiry
2. Bug fix
3. Script installation
4. Operating system and server softwares installation
5. Customize work
1,2,3 are free service.
4,5 are paid service.


August 9, 2020
- V1.0.0 Release



very nice easy to use and you can change anything you like looks great on mobile